Full Bloom

This weekend I traveled down to DC in search of the beautiful blooms on the cherry trees lining the river and throughout the city. The trees were still there but the blooms were nowhere to be found. We searched and searched and finally found one tree waiting for us filled with beautiful white petals.

The one tree reminded me how fleeting these beautiful blooms were, but did they have to go so soon? Nope. I found these fluttery, pastel pieces to keep the cherry blossom season going through the summer for casual to extravagant.

1. Rebecca Taylor ruffled dress

2. Anthropologie lace shirt

3. Red Valentino silk/lace mini skirt

4. Oscar de la Renta embellished cocktail dress

Images from 1. rebeccataylor.com  2. anthropologie.com 3. net-a-porter.com 4. style.com

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