Head First

After more than a year of planning and gathering supplies for my own upholstered headboard, I finally put it together and absolutely love the finished product. It all started with a hand-stamped patterned fabric picked from the Madeline Weinrib showroom at the annual sample sale.

A trip to the craftstore for quilt batting (queen size), pillow stuffing, a staple gun, heavy-duty velco and  an extra large canvas (24″ x 36″ for a Full bed) rounded out the rest of the supplies. This unwieldy load was meant for a cab not the 1 Train, but I made it home in one piece with packages intact.

How to:

1. Using the canvas as a guide, I cut a rectangle of batting (about 32″ x 44″) and fabric (about 36″ x 48″) and set aside. Both are large enough to cover the canvas, wrap around the edges and secure to the back. 2. I cut as many more rectangles (24″ x 36″) out of the batting as I could and made a neat pile lined up on top of the canvas. 3. I pulled handfuls of stuffing and created a cloud of fluff on the batting pieces; more stuffing will make a softer, deeper headboard and less will create a crisper, boxier version. 4. I arranged the last two rectangles carefully on top, batting first then fabric. 5. Now comes the staple gun, a simple, inexpensive version will do. Starting from the middle and working toward the corners on each side, I pulled the batting tight and stapled it down. (It’s important, as you staple, to have about the same number of staples in each side so it isn’t lopsided.) And I repeated with the fabric, pulling it so it is smooth against the edges The corners were a bit tricky, I carefully folded the fabric around the corners like tucking a flat sheet around the corners of a bed. 6. I attached it to the wall with pieces of heavy-duty, self-adhesive velcro  (two for top corners or four for all corners) with one side stapled to the headboard and the other stuck to the wall.

My bed and this new headboard will be my blog headquarters. Since I’ve become anti-desk due to miniscule New York apartments, I’ll do most of my writing propped up against this cushy topper surrounded by pillows. Not a terrible set-up, with room for much more writing to come.


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